Local moving

If you are looking for a moving company around the New Jersey area, you should call Best Movers today! Over the years we have helped countless families settle into their new homes. With stellar customer services and professional guidance all throughout the moving process, our trained team will make sure moving day will go  by easily.

Long Distance

The entire Best Movers team works to make sure your long distance move is accomplished with minimal issues. Our company is a trusted name in the moving business with a well-trained staff who will coordinate with you to make your move easier. We help our customers with big transitions and make sure they finish with no disruptions.


Moving interstate is more difficult than regular moves for clear reasons. Best Movers begins by checking out your shipment to help us make a customized moving plan that will fall within your specific needs and given budget. We make it a point to be easy to contact during the whole move and make sure you are actively informed. Should you have any questions you can call us and answer you right away.


Best Movers offers moving services that specifically caters to the unique needs of commercial businesses. Best Movers professional and dedicated staff  will be there throughout the whole project to ensure the moving plan is carried out as specified. Our team has a lot of experience handling office furniture and the quality of our service is on par with the best in this business.


Over the years, Best Movers has helped people settle into new homes and making their big day go by smoothly with no problems. We provide a variety of services that covers packing, storing, and transporting all of your things so you can literally have us do all the hard work for you. If you have any specific requests or unique needs we would be happy to make a custom moving plan to address your concerns.

Office Relocation

Best Movers can handle office relocation needs of all kinds of budgets and find ways to work around challenging moves. We take the time to discuss your needs so that we can give you a moving plan that we believe is ideal for your current situation. Our movers have been trained to handling different kinds of office supplies and equipment so you can rest assured everything will arrive in one piece and on time.

Art & Antique

Crown Movers provides specialized services that deal with handling of precious art pieces and antiques. Leave it to us to move heirlooms, valuable collections, and priceless pieces and get them where you need them to be quickly and safely.

Piano Moving

Best Movers also offers piano relocating services that can accommodate all types of pianos. We use specially designed moving equipment and safety gear to make sure your piano does not sustain any damage during the whole move. We have a gathered a lot of experience moving pianos over the years and our dedicated movers are ready to handle any challenging moves.

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