Safety Tips For Moving

Not only is moving emotionally exhausting, it’s physically exhausting also. You will be enduring

a lot of stress and there are many chances to receive minor and major physical injuries. Even if

you choose to work with a Weehawken moving company, you need to take extra measures to

ensure your home is safe.

● Weight of Boxes

1. Whenever you are packing boxes, make sure you don’t exceed 50 pounds per box. If

you can’t determine a box’s weight, attempt to lift it. You should be able to carry the box

with minimal strain and should be able to stay steady. Keep in mind that these boxes

may need to go up and down stairs or go from your home to the truck and vice versa.

Remember: the right way to lift is to squat down and use your whole lower body.

● Rent out equipment

1. Use proper moving to avoid straining your back and to efficiently move bigger and

heavier objects. Dollys will help you move multiple boxes at once with ease. To help

secure stacked boxes, use moving straps to ensure nothing is damaged and to keep

them from falling.

● Identify problem areas

1. Before moving day arrives, make sure you scout out your home and your new home if

you can to find the best place your Weehawken movers can park their truck. Reserve

the parking spot if you can.

2. Be sure to check for any unevenness in the sidewalk or walkways and see if any steps

are hard to notice. Mark them with chalk if you have to. Most people are preoccupied

and distracted during a move and may not notice small steps.

3. If your home is prone to becoming slippery during rains, it’d be a good idea to buy a

traction map. You can also ask your Weehawken movers if you can rent one out from

them. These mats will make sure your movers don’t walk on areas they shouldn’t and to

make sure they have a firm hold of your things as they carry them.

● Moving day

1. Wear fitted clothes with no loose parts that could get snagged. You’ll need shoes with

good support and grip. Sandals and slippers can lead to injuries as it doesn’t provide

protection from corners or miscellaneous items being stepped on.

2. High traffic foot areas should be clear of obstacles. Make sure that your Weehawken

movers know which of your boxes are fragile.

3. If you are passing boxes to another person, always make sure they have a good grip

before letting the box go. Many accidents occur because people simply forget to ask.

4. For large and heavy items, have a third person to guide the ones carrying the item to

make sure nothing gets damaged and nobody gets hurt.

5. If you have any pets or children, make arrangements ahead of time to keep them away.

Moving day is stressful and dangerous and having them around can cause confusion

and add to the stress.

6. Prepare food and water for everybody and have snacks available. Set aside an area just

for resting as well. In this area, keep an emergency kit for minor injuries.

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